Pet Groomers

Heidi McGeary

Heidi McGeary joined the Sandy Hill Kennel's staff in 2005.  Before joining the staff, she worked and volunteered at both boarding and rescue facilities in Erie and Pittsburgh.  We are thrilled to have her as a groomer at our facility.  Due to her extensive experience and years grooming, Heidi has built a large clientele at Sandy Hill Kennels.  She is the Kennel's Grooming Manager.

Sarah Bodnar

Sarah Bodnar joined the Sandy Hill Kennel's team in the summer of 2017.  She has been in the dog grooming industry since 2014.  Grooming dogs is her passion and it's what she loves doing.  She treats every dog like it's her own.  She has two yorkies (ages 8 months and 13 months) who are best friends.  Sarah is also currently attending college while working part time at Sandy Hill Kennels.  She enjoys working at Sandy Hill Kennels and we enjoy having her as part of the Sandy Hill Kennels' team.

Natasha Setzenfand

Natasha Setzenfand joined our grooming staff at Sandy Hill Kennels in June 2015.  Natasha grew up in the Pittsburgh area.  Her love for animals started at a young age when she began volunteering at local animal shelters around the Pittsburgh area and continued throughout high school.  While attending Pine Richland High School, Natasha's senior project involved working at a local grooming facility where she learned the basics of grooming.  After high school, Natasha attended the Vet Tech Institute but realized her passion was grooming and began her grooming career in 2008.  She started training under a master groomer then went on to become a certified groomer.  The certification course typically takes up to 6 months to complete, but Natasha completed it in just 6 weeks.  She worked for local grooming facilities until joining our team.  Natasha is thrilled to be part of the Sandy Hill Kennel's team and also looks forward to continuing what she loves to do.  Natasha has owned dogs and cats all her life.  She currently has a chocolate lab (Cami), 3 cats, and 6 birds (one which is rescued Macaw).

Angel Sulkowski

Angle Sulkowski re-joined the Sandy Hill Kennel's grooming staff in the fall of 2016.  She was previously a bather at PetSmart in 2011 and attended their grooming academy in 2014.  During that time, Angel bathed at Sandy Hill Kennels.  She has also received certification as a Vet Tech Assistant from the Animal Behavior College.  Angel loves animals and has Grace, a Short Haired Border Collie, a hamster named Mr. Grumpy, and 3 Betta Fish.  Her favorite breeds to groom are Collies, Border Collies, Shelties, Goldens, Labs, Aussies, Bullys, and many, many more.

Tiffany Morrow

Tiffany Morrow joined our grooming staff in the fall of 2017.  Tiffany previously worked here as a bather to learn the grooming industy and left to continue her education and training at grooming school.  She has been grooming for the past two years now and has worked with dogs and cats for the past 6 years.  Tiffany says that working with animals is more like a hobby than it is a job.  She has loved animals since a young age.  She has three dogs, a cat, and a bearded dragon.  Her favorite breeds to groom are Schnauzers, Australian Shephards, Westies, Scottish Terriers, Corgis, and Cavaliers.

Jessica Artana (Grooming Assistant)

Jessica Artana started working at Sandy Hill Kennels in February 2016 as a kennel worker.  She quickly moved into grooming as a bather and immediate took a liking to bathing/grooming.  Fellow groomers say that Jessica has a special way when working with the dogs to help them relax. Jessica has become an irreplaceable part of the Sandy Hill Kennel's grooming team.  In addition to bathing, Jessica has started finishing dogs.  We're glad Jessica is part of our team.