In Home Evaluations

An "In Home Evaluation" is the preferred way to start a training program or begin to solve problem behaviors.  This first meeting is part observation and part getting to know each other (and your dog).  The first evaluation visit can be lengthy (2+ hours), because the trainer would like to get know the dog's entire living situation, history, and the entire family. 

The first half hour or so, I will ask questions while making observations of the pup, handler, and pup's environment, and the interaction of the three.  I will give my honest evaluation at the conclusion and plan or program to move forward.

Most likely you will move right into changing the home environment, some habits and adding specific discipline and relationship strengthening exercises for you and your dog.  This generally takes at least another hour to demonstrate and work with a handler to feel comfortable with all techniques of the proposed program.

The initial In Home Evaluation Visit:  $145.00 for 2+ hours.  The cost of a multiple dog home: $165.00.


In Home Private Sessions

Private session in the home are a great way to follow up after an evaluation visit or attending one of the classes.  The one-on-one attention to dog and handler in the dog’s environment make this a very effective choice for certain behavior issues.

The In Home Private Session rate is $95.00 per hour.


To book any in home appointments please contact the trainer directly:

Debbie Poloka        412.596.6263





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